Friday, 18 July 2014

Presidential Candidates for 2016 USA Election

2014 has gone halfway so the speculation of 2016 presidential election is started. Who can succeed President Barack Obama? As you all know there are lots of potential candidates for the upcoming election 2016, so here's a glance of possible candidates from each the Republican and Democratic parties:

Republican Party:
From Republican Party probably you’ll see one of the following candidates:

Ted Cruz: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of TX is taken into account a dissentious figure in US politics, associate degree philosophic pedant whose resistance to compromise on key principles create him a well-liked figure among party Republicans however alienate him from a lot of moderate and thought members of his party.

Chris Christie: The governor of New Jersey is well-liked among independents for being plain-spoken, among party voters for his conservative credentials, and most significantly among his constituents for being a good leader of the New Jersey.

Marco Rubio: The U.S. Senator from Florida and former state House speaker may be a rising star within the Republican Party, and has broad charm among Latino voters. Rubio is Cuban and holds a so much softer stance on hot immigration than will his organization. He has known as on the govt to seek out the way to accomodate those living within the country illicitly, a foothold that wil please him to freelance voters.

Jeb Bush: The popular former Florida governor may be a party favorite who sat out of 2012 presidential election despite several concerns him to enter the first contest. He’s the younger brother of former President George W. Bush and therefore the son of former President H.W. Bush. On the positive facet for Republicans, he is a Bush, a part of a political dynasty that is aware of a way to get electoral in a very key swing fill. On the negative facet for Republicans, he is a Bush, a part of a political dynasty several feel has been tainted throughout President George W. Bush's 2 terms. However the potential for a Clinton-Bush face-off will create things fascinating for 2016, does not it?

Democratic Party:
From Democratic Party potential candidates are:

Hillary Clinton: The secretary of state, the nation's highest-ranking diplomat, beneath President Barack Obama has served, by most accounts, laudably and while not scandal. Her policy credentials are undoubtedly and it's actually no secret that Clinton has aspirations to serve within the White House. The previous first lady to President Bill Clinton ran unsuccessfully for the 2008 presidential nomination. Her campaign skills also are sharp; most observers of her 2008 Democratic primary campaign recall her robust performances in debates with Obama, who went on to win 2 terms as president.

Elizabeth Warren: Warren won one in all the foremost closely watched political contests within the 2012 election. She defeated Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown for the historically Democratic Massachusetts seat control by the late Ted Kennedy. Brown had won surprise ending in a very 2010 special election following Kennedy's death. Associate degree knowledgeable on bankruptcy law, Warren served within the Obama administration as a special authority to the patron money Protection Bureau..

Julián Castro: Like Rubio, Julian Castro may be a Hispanic politician who is taken into account a rising star in his own organization and opposes strict crackdowns on hot immigration like the one in Arizona. He serves as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and is described by many in his party as having the potential to become the first Hispanic president of the United States. Castro has been described as the "Latino Obama," a reference to President Barack Obama, the first African-American president.

Lets hope that best will win the election. You are welcome to post your thoughts in the comment section below.